The Honeysuckle Popper (aka Shrub Buster) is a very strong lever tool that uses the power of an 8:1 leverage advantage to remove shrubs.  It lifts them out of the ground by exploiting them at their weakest point; FROM BELOW.


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Shrub Removal Tool - SAVES TIME AND ENERGY


Bush and shrub removal is now faster and easier thanks to this powerful lever tool designed to remove bushes. It works on all shrubs and bushes with a spreading or shallow root system up to 10-15 years old. Even bigger ones if you're good at it.

Use The Shrub Buster to remove:

Bush honeysuckle, buckthorn, blackberry bushes, autumn olive, privet, multiflora rose, burning bush, barberry, small evergreen shrubs, and many more.

The tip hooks under the stump and forces it up and out.
Works better on bushes than the pulling tools. 


If you’ve got honeysuckles, or any other type of shallow rooted invasive bush, The Popper is an essential tool to add to your invasives killing toolbox. The Popper works a LOT better than any kind of shovel, mattock, axe, or any other tool, AND requires LESS physical effort per bush. When removing shrubs, you need a good 'prying tool' and thats what the Shrub Buster is.

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