The Honeysuckle Popper (aka Shrub Buster) is a very strong lever tool that uses the power of an 8:1 leverage advantage to remove shrubs.  It lifts them out of the ground by exploiting them at their weakest point; FROM BELOW.

The Trouble with Honeysuckle Bushes



The Bush Honeysuckles, primarily Lonicera mackii & Lonicera tatarica and  their hybrids with one another, were introduced into New York State by presumably well-meaning people who remembered them from Europe and Asia as vigorous ornamentals that provided lots of flowers, plenty of red fruit, food for birds, and a quick, easy hedge and privacy fence from the neighbors. For many years they fulfilled these valuable functions quite well in cities and suburbs of the Northeast, but there was a  problem. The problem stemmed from all that red fruit, and from three unfortunate facts:

1. Birds and mice like to eat the fruits, birds and mice are mobile, and birds and mice spread their droppings widely.

2. Wherever the droppings of birds and mice fell, new honeysuckles sprang up, first by the thousand, then by the million. They are spreading right now. They are probably in your yard as you read this, plotting to take over your property and make it their own.

3. Left unchecked, they will grow and reproduce right under your nose. They will shade out trees, grass, other bushes, and anything else you may want to grow. They will block your driveway.

No matter WHAT, you've got to KILL those honeysuckles and buckthorn and all those other invasive bushes too, before they destroy your woods and take over everything.
The popper is one good, effective tool to add to your invasives fighting toolbox.

Buckthorn removal tool