Shrub removal tool removes honeysuckle and other shrubs fast and easy

Letters and Endorsements

My wife and kids bought me a Honeysuckle Popper for Christmas. I just wanted to let you know that I tried it for the first time yesterday (spring like weather and the ground was soft). This tool is AWESOME. I cleared a huge area. I was having so much fun that I had to force myself to quit. I have 7 acres and years of work ahead of me. Thanks for the wonderful invention.
John Hobbs, Oregonia, OH

You delivered our Honeysuckly Popper today, my husband had to go try it out right it when he got home from work. It worked like a charm! What a great tool!! Thanks!
Wendy Easterday, Lebanon, OH

Wow, we were skeptical, but your "popper" has enabled us to clear an amazing amount of area in a very short time. We love it.
Cincinnati, OH

Ron Wilson, gardening and landscaping expert and host of "In The Garden With Ron Wilson" syndicated radio show says this:
(question) "Do you have any experience with ‘The Honeysuckle Popper’ you’re always talking about? Does it really work?" (Rons reply) -Yes, and yes. Spent time with the developer "Mister Honeysuckle", and it does work. Everyone that I know who has purchased one says the same thing. "Takes a couple honeysuckles to get the hang of it, but once you do, it works!"
Here's the link to Rons comments;'6-4-04'.htm

We wanted to let you know we having been using our popper and it works great! Our friends from Chicago IL came to visit and cleared out at least 10, 4 very large, much larger than the one we looked at on your property. I've attached a photo of them and their "pile". We are also trying to clear several very large honeysuckles at a friends and I've attached a photo of Curt with one we got out. We also used the popper to take out some very old, browning and horribly ugly blue chip junipers. It took minutes to remove half a dozen compared to hours it took to remove the same number without a popper.
Wish we would have had it years ago, we've taken out about 60 in the last few years!We will keep you posted! Thanks, hope all is well...
Elizabeth Byrd and Curt Braman, Cincinnati, OH

“Not only will individuals benefit from your invention, many wooded areas will bow their branches to you in salute and gratitude.”
Christine Parker, Bulls Run Arboretum,Dayton, OH

Mister Honeysuckle,
MESSAGE: Last fall while at the Nolls I used and then purchased one of the POPPERS. I am writing to you with my findings after using it for several months.
I find that the POPPER does indeed live up to its expectations and removes the honeysuckles quite easily. I am able to remove some of the plants that (to me) seem rather large.
R.K., Oxford, OH

Works just as you explained! Great design! We've cleaned out an area already and will continue working through the wooded area.
Thanks, B.M., Cincinnati, OH

“The Honeysuckle Popper is the best way to mechanically remove Honeysuckle bushes”
Dr. David Gorchov, Associate Professor of Botany, Miami U. of Ohio

MESSAGE: You are the greatest!! My husband "popped out" at least 50 honeysuckles this afternoon. I truly see a beautiful woods in my future. I will do my best to spread the great news about your popper. Thanks again for delivering it on Monday.
D.M.K., Pleasant Plain, OH

I worked about an hour Sunday afternoon and I removed 15 or 20 good sized honeysuckle. I would not have even attempted that with a mattock.
The nice thing about your product is the small effort it takes. The old way of using a maddox involved so much work. I'm getting too old for that. Good luck at the show downtown next weekend. I'll let everyone in my gardening clubs know about your new tool. Once the word gets out, I think you'll get lots of orders locally.
Best of luck.
Mark Giuseffi, Cincinnati, OH

Subject: Thank you for your invention!

It was good to hear from you. The honeysuckle you saw is still my biggest, but I have now removed over fifty-eight in my backyard! I also encouraged my friend Phil to buy one from you. He is a well respected landscaper in our area and I'm sure the popper's legend will grow. I have had several women in the neighborhood inquire about your smaller popper.
Sincerely, Brock Anderson, Dayton, OH

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