Order Your Shrub Buster

Shrub Buster - $159


The optimum shrub removal tool.  Guaranteed to work on most shallow rooted bushes up to 12 to 15 years old. 

Length: 76"

Shrub Buster Lite - $149


The Buster Lite works great on the younger shrubs up to around 4-6 years old.  It weighs 19 pounds.  If your patch is all small ones, this is the tool for you.  Also, its for those that may not be able to handle the weight of the full size tool but would still like to participate in removal efforts. 

Length: 56"


GUARANTEE: 100% money back if dissatisfied for any reason.  Buyer responsible for return shipping.
WARRANTY: We will replace any damaged or defective part. No charge.  Please understand this is a one man tool and that 2 people applying leverage can bend it, rendering it useless.  If you abuse the tool or accidently bend it, please let me know and I will replace the bent tube at cost.